Projects and references

Name Responsible Sponsores Coments
Analyses of laboratory tests with BIOL®, 1983, 1985 Dipl. Ing. von Gerhard Vellguth Institut für Biosystemtechnik, Braunschweig, DE Prepare proposal for the norm EN-14214
A work to RaD the Biodiesel fuel at farmer level. Kvinnersta Agriculture College, Örebro Carl-Johan lindquist
TIC / Teknisk Information Center
Björkliden 5
SE-703 58 ÖREBRO
Sponsors: Länsstyrelsen i Örebro
Örebro Läns Landsting
Örebro Kommun
Kvinnersta Agriculture College Örebro
TIC / Teknisk Information Center.
Major project to produce BIOL® 
End report, only in Swedish
Inspection to pass the process room, equipments and how to handle dangerous stuff                    Swedish Rescue Services Agency

Kvinnerstaprojektet, Rapsmetylester, RME

No remarks.

Inspectors: Ulf Skoog and Carl-Johan Lindquist

Analyses of:
laboratory tests and exhaust emissions useing BIOL®, 1992
Dipl. Ing. von Gerhard Vellguth Institut für Biosystemtechnik, Braunschweig, DE The Nom Test Diesel Engine at the Institut was used to prove BIOL®
Analyses of exhaust emissions useing BIOL® Lars Edwartz Katrineholms Technical College Valmet tractor
Environmental and Energy Ävsjömässan, 1993, Stockholm Carl-Johan Lindquist Örebro kommun Presentation of environmental fuel. Group stand
Three Days course:
Production of Environmental Diesel at the farmer level, BIOL® 
Ulf Skoog, Kvinnerstaskolan
Carl-Johan Lindquist, Rudbecksskolan
Kvinnerstaprojektet, Rapsmetylester, RME Colaborator:
Swedish Farmers’ Foundation for Agricultural Research
Diesel Electric Generator working with BIOL®, 1994 Peter Svanberg, Qurt Hallman FERM AB, Teknik, Harpsundsvägen 166-168, Stockholm Continuous power production, 5 kW.
When changing fuel from MK1 to BIOL®, no power loss and no interruptions.

Development of surface chromatography especially for free
and bounded glycerine in products like
BIOL® and ESTROL®, 1994-95

Christer Johansson, Ke 4 D, Rudbecksskolan i Örebro Carl-Johan Lindquist Special work case
Omställning Sverige 
Örebromässan, 1998
Carl-Johan Lindquist Carl-Johan Lindquist BIOL® presentation
Sustainable Energy, London, Olympia, 2003 Carl-Johan Lindquist Swedish Energy Agency Group stand
Sustainable Energy, London, Olympia, 2004 Carl-Johan Lindquist Swedish Energy Agency Group stand
Nairobi, Kenya Bernard Willis SIDA / UN / IMF Going on
Welsh Development Agency Louise Pearson
Paul Walke
Marketing. Investment.
Lic. Research.
Advantage West Midlands, UK Ulf Ström UK Trade & Investment, Rowan, Martineau Johnson, Tenon, EBS Marketing. Investment.
Lic. Research.
Verification and analys of the Cold Process, 2007 Preem Petrolium AB Preem Refinery, Gothenburg BIOIL® 
East Africa Delegation
meeting with SIS in
Stockholm, 2013-23-09  -  03-10.
SIS, The Swedish National Board of Institutional Care
Kenya, W B Makokha
Energy Regulatory Com.
Jatropha Development Fou.
Tanzania Bureau of Stand.
Nairobi, Kenya Bryan Piti KIRDI, Bernard Willis Biogen Kenya