Environmental products

There are two specific environmental diesel products, RME (rape-methyl-ester), BIOL and LME Line-methyl-ester), BIOLIN. The raw materials are of cause vegetable oils for these esters and have a specific molecule structure and therefore easy to produce with the "Cold Process".

The "Cold Process" works also excellent with other vegetable oils like cress, olive, palm, soy, sunflower, etc. All these bio diesel products have the same name: BIOL.


The "Cold Process" does not give birth to soapy soup because the process temperature is too low, less the +45 C.


Beyond these two ordinary ones, you will find two special products produced from cooking oil or animal fat including fish fat/oil.

Cooking oil (recycled frying fat) holds a loot of different fats, oils and other contaminations so the "Cold Process" has to be changed a little to meet this problems. Even if the cooking oil holds more or less water, the "Cold Process" worked properly with some small corrections.

A common name for this environmental diesel fuel is ESTROL.    

FAME as  ESTROL and BIOL can meet the SS-EN 14214 norm.

BIOIL and ( BIOLIN) meet the DIN-norm, but have other qualities.



In the laboratory we developed the product with the "Cold Process" in the end of the year 1988 and the raw material was reused cooking oil .

It is hard to make a technical report for this product because of the different types of oils and fats. As an example we can mention that the density of the cooking oil may range from 0,89 to 0,96 kg/l.


In the year 2002 we repeated the trans estrification of used cooking oil with good result. The used cooking oil from one restaurant proved to contain up to 3% water and another restaurant proved to contain additives of different acids. These two problems make it a little tricky to use the "Cold Process". Therefor it is good to have a high quality control before the trans estrification.



This Product is a part of the "Cold Process" and suitable for cleaning asphalt, chewing gum, tar etc.

Excellent for cleaning oil tanks, outdoors as well as indoors.


BIOIL is biological resolved within 21 days, as well as RME.



An environmental and renewable diesel fuel was developed in 1983 - 1985.

Three important criteria were to be put up and realized for the process:

1.   Simple to handle.

2.   Normal air pressure.

3.   Normal indoor temperature.  

1.     The meaning was that farmer could earn a little if he/she use this process.

        To sow, harvest, press and trans estrificate his/hers own rape/line oil was the hint. It was possible to reuse the milk tank, milking machine and other equipments on the farm to build a process room.

2.     The process pressure must be normal air pressure*

3.     and also the temperature must be normal indoor temperature*.


        * Both for security reason.


Consequently the method is called: the Cold Process.


The product has two major facilities.

First: the property of anti rust agent and second: decrease the NOX exhaust.

The prototype plant in Sweden was approved by:

(Svenska Räddnings Verket)

"Swedish Rescue Agency"