Carl-Johan Lindquist
Mullbärsgatan 2
SE-24136 Eslöv


Tele Engineer 

MS Tech. 

Externa kurser:

20p Pulse

40p Data technology
40p Chemistry
105p Physics


Professions and positions:

Flygvapnet, F8

Electro technical aircraftman

Development Engineer, Military Electronics

Laboratory assistant, Physics

Radiation Physicist

Secondery school teacher
Teacher, College of tech. Electro technology, Electronics, Tele technology, Data technology, OS, PC technology
Development Supervisor of the cold process at Kvinnersta Agricultural College. Rape Methyl Ester, RME, LME, etc.

Teacher. University of Örebro. Electronics, Power Electronics, Electro technology 

Projects and research:

Development of diagnos equipment with respect to bouble isotop-scintigraphy.
Research tasks about nitrogen- and Oxygen- isotops, activated by Betatron-accelerator.

Kvinnersta Agricultural College

Production of Environmental Diesel like RME according to the cold processen.
Production of Environmental additives like LME according to the cold processen.

FERM teknik

Prodject about  Military Electricity Generators and  Environmental Diesel according to the cold processen.


Institutionen för Naturvetenskap och Miljö, avd Ekoteknik, Produkt och Affärsutveckling made analysis and parallell processes on Environmental Diesel according to the cold processen.


"Projekt rapsoljemotorn" cooperation with  Örebro Länsstyrelse, Länskraft och Örebro Kommun.
Environmental adapted public transport.